Engage and reward your retail shareholders, year-round.

Introducing Stockperks, an exciting innovation in Investor Relations not to be missed.

Stockperks is an innovative platform that attracts and engages retail shareholders by offering perks, free products, discounts and exclusive experiences.

Promoting perks on the Stockperks app allows you to reward investor loyalty and demonstrate your company’s commitment to increased shareholder value. Through the platform, you will gain insights into your retail investor demographics and sentiment, and benefit from a modern and direct channel for communicating with this valued segment of your shareholder base.

Welcome to the new golden age of investing.

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Reward Loyalty

Reward your retail shareholders for their loyalty with exciting perks, including exclusive product offerings, discounts, free items, special experiences and more.

Gain Insight

Gain aggregated insight into the demographics, sentiment and investment characteristics of your retail shareholder base. Use these insights to craft more effective retail investor programs.


Engage with retail investors and forge a deeper relationship by communicating directly through sentiment surveys, powerful messaging features, and marketing campaigns.